Delivering Satisfaction with Customized HR Programs

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Delivering Satisfaction with Customized HR Programs


Community Hospital Corporation (CHC) accessed HealthTrust’s portfolio for non-medical services and supplies—CoreTrustSM contracts—to deliver more valuable and cost-effective HR programs to smaller, CHC-affiliated hospitals. The result? Best-in-class pricing on preferred programs, more quality hires, higher employee satisfaction and suppliers attentive to customer satisfaction. 

Community Hospital Corporation

Owns, manages and consults with hospitals nationwide through CHC Hospitals, CHC Consulting and CHC ContinueCare

Based in Plano, Texas

Developing custom-fit solutions to help preserve, protect and improve community-based hospitals


Community Hospital Corporation owns, manages and/or provides consulting services for a number of community-based hospitals with an array of unique needs and concerns. As these typically rural, community-based facilities seek to provide key benefits that could positively impact their hiring efforts and employee satisfaction, the human resources (HR) component of the hospital’s administration often desires options to leverage in negotiations.

Additionally, some healthcare facilities find it challenging to change suppliers due to long-standing relationships or a lack of local options. In order to improve cost efficiency, supplier options and employee-friendly programs for the facilities and clients it represents, CHC needed a partner that would provide its hospitals with the kind of market strength many major hospital systems enjoy.


Already a GPO member of HealthTrust, CHC approached HealthTrust in early 2010 for assistance in providing CHC facilities and members with a new, more effective approach to their HR programs. HealthTrust was engaged because it could reliably deliver access to an unmatched portfolio of HR suppliers and the market strength of Fortune 100 companies to secure arrangements with those suppliers that could benefit facilities on several levels. Today, these contracts are marketed outside of the HealthTrust membership as CoreTrust. Initially, HealthTrust conducted a detailed audit and analysis of each hospital working with CHC. With results of the analyses and on-site meetings with each facility’s HR team, HealthTrust began exploring ways to create HR solutions specific to each hospital’s needs.

Using its members’ combined purchasing power, HealthTrust negotiates best-in-class pricing in more than 20 programs within the HR space. With the benefit of HealthTrust’s leverage, CHC’s hospitals could afford to deliver the kinds of background check and drug screening programs that ensured they could acquire the best intelligence available about their new and existing hires. The immediate result was more quality hires and more timely service, often at a lower rate than they were paying before using the CoreTrust HR contracts available through HealthTrust.

HealthTrust also helped CHC create a pharmacy benefits management (PBM) program allowing its affiliated hospitals to offer employees cost-effective and flexible pharmacy benefits that provide cost advantages. HR groups aligned with CHC additionally benefit from contracts that allow them to offer flexible spending accounts (FSAs), which have proven very popular with employees.

Beyond the benefits to employees, HealthTrust’s market strength also changed the dynamic between the hospitals and the suppliers. While 
many facilities often struggled to get the attention of large suppliers when an issue or problem became evident, the HealthTrust difference ensured suppliers were proactive and attentive to customer satisfaction.


Thanks to HealthTrust HR solutions available through CoreTrust contracts, CHC has enjoyed significantly higher levels of satisfaction from its affiliated facilities. Due to the continued success of the PBM, FSA, background check and relocation programs, CHC expects to add more programs through the CoreTrust portfolio in the near future.

"We absolutely would not have been able to negotiate the valuable pharmacy benefits management program for our hospitals without the help of HealthTrust. Its CoreTrust portfolio and purchasing power made this and several of our other HR programs possible.”

— Laurie Breedlove, senior vice president of Human Resources,
Community Hospital Corporation