Legacy System Savvy Accelerates Epic Conversion and Decreases Cost

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Legacy System Savvy Accelerates Epic Conversion and Decreases Cost

Vision Consulting, now a part of Parallon Technology Solutions’ healthcare information technology services, deployed a team to Saint Luke’s Health System (SLHS) in Kansas City, MO, to manage legacy system support during a transition to Epic. By ensuring ongoing support of legacy systems, SLHS was able to focus on the implementation of the Epic-based Hospital Information System; obtain implementation cost savings during the life of the project; and accomplish accelerated conversion.

Saint Luke’s Health System 

Not-for-profit, locally owned, faith-based health system; 11 hospitals; 56 physician offices and clinics 

Kansas City, Missouri 


To prepare its health system for the future, SLHS needed to provide clinicians and physicians a path to practicing medicine in an Advanced Clinical and Meaningful Use environment. They decided to replace their current McKesson and AllScripts applications with an integrated and updated Epic solution. SLHS recognized that it would take a coordinated transition approach to ensure their reputation for delivery of high-quality patient care.

 SLHS didn’t have the resources in-house to manage legacy systems while installing, training users and implementing a new system.  So to achieve its goals and maintain excellent patient care, SLHS launched an extensive process to fully leverage their labor and technology resources; reduce risks and maintain control while maintaining current high levels of legacy system support; deliver on key required projects; minimize project costs; and sustain employee satisfaction. 


Following a rigorous vendor selection process, SLHS selected Vision Consulting to manage its legacy systems throughout the conversion to Epic.  

Vision has more than a decade of proven experience providing technical expertise related to healthcare information systems upgrades.  

Vision proposed a remote support solution to manage legacy McKesson and Allscripts capabilities so that SLHS could commit its IT assets to the Epic conversion. Vision managed all Tier 2 and Tier 3 support needs from both product lines and provided a service level to meet or exceed what the organization had already put into place for end-users.  

Vision delivered a cost-effective support model that allowed SLHS to focus their resources on the Epic implementation and not worry about supporting the legacy systems. The ability to quickly hand-over responsibility for legacy systems without lowering services levels was the key to success. 


The transition was seamless, as guaranteed service level agreements were maintained during the transition period.  Processes were implemented that would assure excellent service going forward. 


  • Ability for leaders to maintain focus on key strategic initiatives 
  • Unique support model 
  • Highly available systems and service throughout transition 
  • High levels of employee satisfaction and adoption during and post-implementation 

"We selected Vision to assist us with continuing the excellent service levels that our current team provides to all of our system users. Vision provided us with the flexibility, experience and cost effectiveness needed to continue supporting our end-users with the same care they have received in the past. By partnering with Vision we will be able to combine excellence, key proven practices and deep expertise at the benefit of SLHS.”

— Todd Hatton, Chief Applications Officer for SLHS