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Comprehensive labor management solutions

Parallon’s Workforce Solutions offers an array of comprehensive healthcare labor management solutions to effectively reduce and manage costs, deliver higher workforce satisfaction and enhance quality patient care. Our services include strategic labor and healthcare staffing, productivity benchmarking and other advisory services as well as labor management technologies.

If you are a healthcare service provider seeking answers to today’s challenging problems, Parallon can help you identify opportunities for improving your processes and reducing costs.

  • Strategic Partner – Customizable solutions to fit your needs
  • Proven Results – Success in more than 300 hospitals, lowering total labor costs
  • Comprehensive Resources – 14,000+ healthcare professionals, 28 staffing centers and expertise from forecasting to productivity benchmarking

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Why Parallon Workforce Solutions? 

Parallon Workforce Solutions is unique because…

  • We are hospital operators
  • We have an extensive complement of solutions to address healthcare workforce challenges
  • All our services are tested and proven
  • Our size and scale – we have national, regional and local delivery capabilities

Meet our Experts:

Our management team consists of seasoned professionals with deep experience in healthcare workforce management.  Read about their backgrounds at the links below:


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Advisory Services

Productivity Benchmarking

Parallon has a database of 225 hospitals who contribute a variety of metrics. We help our clients compare their performance to similar institutions so you can identify areas of strength as well as opportunities for productivity improvements. Our productivity management and delivery models can improve labor utilization quickly and measurably. We help you achieve your goals through an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in people, processes, and technology.

Labor and Schedule Redesign

Benchmarking is only part of the equation. When you identify where you’d like to be, you may want to have a partner who has been through the process before to help guide your redesign efforts. Parallon experts have walked in your shoes and because of this can help quickly identify opportunities; we support our clients with the knowledge that can only come through time and experience.

Float Pool Design

Key to successful implementation of the Core Hiring model is the ability to develop a flexible labor pool. This labor pool will use a customized blend of staff to assist in balancing staffing fluctuations and cost. The float pool will increase the quality and supply of staff available. It will also promote staff acquisitions and retention of core resources. Our motto is, “The right labor at the right time and the right cost.”

Management Engineering

Parallon Management Engineering expertise can help you optimize your productivity management system capability and identify continuous improvement techniques that will help you drive results. Labor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards help you monitor changes to ensure you capture productivity efficiencies.

Core-level Staffing Effectiveness

We recommend an innovative Core Hiring process that helps clients reduce staff under-utilization and increase staff satisfaction while reducing overall labor costs by an average of 4-6 percent. This process budgets department hiring at a minimum “core” level and "flexes" the staff daily to meet expected demand through a planned use of part-time, PRN, overtime and contract labor. Our team of experts has developed a comprehensive program of best practices that has made Core Hiring an effective management tool with impressive financial, quality, service and satisfaction performance improvements in more than 200 facilities.

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Labor Management Technologies

Labor Planning and Management

Parallon offers a labor management system that encompasses planning, hiring, scheduling and labor control functions into a single suite to help you increase staff satisfaction and capture labor savings.  The system is a closed-loop framework that helps strengthen organizational planning processes, monitors performance and provides feedback to help you drive operational efficiencies and continuous improvement.

Schedule Management

We offer comprehensive web-based technologies designed to deliver increased scheduling, staffing and labor management efficiencies. Our technologies enable you to reduce costs while ensuring you have the right resources in the right place at the right time.

These solutions help to:

  • Reduce ineffective labor scheduling/staffing practices
  • Maximize staff scheduling to FTE commitment
  • Minimize overtime, incentive pay and contract labor costs
  • Reduce daily, last-minute staff adjustments
  • Increase staff satisfaction

As part of our schedule management technology,  Parallon's unique training around Schedule Quality Metrics enables you to measure your schedules against three important criteria:

  • Completeness – are all shifts covered?
  • Commitment – are all personnel scheduled to their commitment?
  • Healthy Work Patterns – does your schedule help you identify and minimize unhealthy work patterns, i.e., more than five consecutive 10-hour work days

Labor Effectiveness

Parallon's web-based labor effectiveness technology is easy to use and maintain and provides daily productivity information. Our unique Flexible Position Control feature helps clients plan their annual hiring by identifying the positions required during times of low, average and peak workloads.  It also allows only authorized positions to be filled and identifies how to best meet those staffing requirements:  full-time, part-time, PRN, contract labor, overtime or even temporary labor.


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Managed Service Provider

As a natural extension of your supply chain, engaging Parallon as your Managed Service Provider helps you determine the supply strategy that works for your organization to ensure you get the right personnel at the right price. We leverage your existing supplier relationships and have the scope to provide the skill, demographic and geographic coverage you need. We have a variety of customizable models-  principle supplier, vendor-neutral or hybrid solution


Parallon's credentialing process is exceptionally thorough and includes:

  • Professional Information
  • Background Investigation
  • Competency Assessments
  • Health Information
  • Education



  • The Parallon education team includes nurses, clinical specialists, training developers and learning management system (LMS) professionals who create web-based solutions to meet facility education and system training needs.   
  • Our comprehensive web-based program meets regulatory requirements for new employees while offering a flexible training environment via the HealthStream Learning Center™.  Our education library includes HR compliance modules, employee and patient safety modules, and a clinical orientation library.  We also develop customized clinical system training on Meditech™, Epic and other systems to meet the needs of our clients.      
  • Our inclusive education solution helps to streamline the on-boarding of supplemental staff, while providing a flexible alternative to standard orientation and regulatory training.  


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With an array of recruitment and staffing models, Parallon can help meet your fluctuating hiring needs and budget constraints, while keeping vacancy rates down and reducing cost-per-hire.  Our recruiting and staffing services cover clinical staff, including physician, nursing and allied health,  as well as professional and administrative staff.


Parallon travel nursing services are second to none. Our clients benefit from more than 1,800 travel nurses and allied health professionals as well as our relationships with 175 vendors.  We take on all the administrative and logistical burdens, and we're your single point of contact for all travel contract needs. All our candidates are extensively screened for professional licensure,  BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP and area specific certifications as applicable, as well as health information and other key background data.

Per Diem

Parallon's per diem nursing services run 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, to ensure you have the necessary staff to meet your patient-care requirements. We offer nationwide coverage from nine regional staffing locations and have 19 satellite offices, where we conduct employee outreach, training and orientation. We partner with more than 450 vendors to ensure we find you the "...right staff in the right place at the right time at the right price."  All our candidates are extensively screened for professional licensure,  BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP and area specific certifications as applicable, as well as health information and other key background data.

Locum Tenens

Parallon Locum Tenen's physician- centric search process has produced one of the highest recruitment success rates in the U.S. for clients with needs ranging from solo practice vacation coverage, to permanent placement recruitment needs at multi‐facility health systems.

Locum Tenens services include:

  • Full-service credentialing, privileging and licensing departments
  • A logistics department that helps assist with all travel and lodging accommodations for every physician
  • Fair market pricing that covers physician's malpractice insurance


Parallon offers per diem, travel and direct hire for allied healthcare personnel. Our per diem services run 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, and our travel services benefit from a deep pool of candidates. Whatever your need for allied health personnel, Parallon can work with you to find a formula that meets your requirements.


Parallon can help your healthcare facility meet its most challenging recruitment goals, while reducing unnecessary hiring and vacancy costs.

Parallon physician direct-hire services include:

  • Community and practice profiling
  • Strategic national marketing and candidate sourcing
  • Site visit coordination
  • Negotiation assistance
  • Candidate relocation logistics

Parallon nursing, allied and other direct hire services include extensive screening to ensure candidates meet your requirements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)  

The Parallon RPO process combines personalized service and expertise to help you secure the candidates you need for long-term success. Parallon represents your organization throughout the hiring process, offering flexibility as well as control, along with the highest-quality, extensively screened healthcare professionals available. Instead of working with several firms, with Parallon you partner with one dedicated recruiter with national expertise as well as gain access to a large pool of experienced healthcare professionals. We help you reduce the cost-per-hire and time-to-fill, allowing your associates to focus on higher-value activities.


Managed Clinical Services


The acronym StaRN stands for Specialty Training Apprenticeship for Registered Nurses. The program was created to help solve a familiar nursing-grad dilemma:  You can't get hired without experience, but you can't get experience without first having a job. The StaRN program was designed specifically to meet the needs of newly graduated RNs by offering training for medical-surgical units, as well as the specialty areas of telemetry, ER and the ICU. 

The curriculum consists of didactic as well as hands -on clinical training, which is conducted via in-class learning, self-study, simulation exercises and a skills lab.

Parallon's Workforce Solutions team recruits and hires all new grads we enroll. Students are paid a fair training rate during their three-to-four months of extensive training and clinical rotation.

Credentialing Services

Changing security and regulatory requirements dictate that health care providers ensure appropriate access to their patients and facilities.
Parallon's Advanced Practice Professional (APP) and Health Care Industry Representative (HCIR) credentialing program is unique in its vigor. We offer customized credentialing solutions that can include:

  • Background screen
  • Primary source verification
  • Drug screening
  • Vaccination status and other health requirements
  • Any client specific requirements

Use of Parallon's credentialing services helps ensure deployment of qualified and compliant staff to healthcare facilities, minimizing regulatory, legal and financial risks to the organization, while reducing its investment in internal resources to manage this credentialing.


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Specialty Training Apprenticeship for Registered Nurses (StaRN)

Specialty Training Apprenticeship for Registered Nurses (StaRN) is Parallon’s innovative solution designed to address the shortage of specialty trained nurses.

Backed by Parallon’s scale, proven best practices and operational expertise, StaRN partners with hospitals to address today’s labor challenges stemming from revenue, compliance, cost and technology pressures.

Program Benefits

StaRN offers a customized, 13-week post-graduate program that trains and equips nurses to carry a full patient load on specialty floors from day one. It helps hospitals and new nurses overcome a “catch-22”: They can’t get hired for specialty floors without experience, but they can’t gain specialty experience without getting hired.

Program Savings

Since StaRN nurses are on the Parallon payroll during the 13-week program, hospitals eliminate nonproductive orientation and training hours. The program can also lead to reduced contract labor, premium pay and vacancy rates ­– with an estimated $100,000 or more in savings per  nurse year when replacing a   contract labor FTE.

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