About Us

Our Legacy

Parallon’s roots are in the hallways of some of America’s top-performing hospitals. We are committed to bringing the expertise we have gained as operators to help you drive results. In a rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace, hospitals and health systems must operate knowledgeably, effectively and efficiently to maintain their core mission of caring for human life in their community.

Beginning more than 15 years ago as one of the key components of HCA Healthcare's shared services strategy, Parallon developed into an industry leader across the revenue cycle spectrum by constantly pursuing technology advancements, investing in intelligence and analyzing and acting on business trends. It’s a heritage we share with our sister companies, HealthTrust and CereCore.

We believe that organizations that continuously learn and improve will thrive. With a relentless focus on what’s next for our clients and the industry, we are passionate about our efforts to power the mission of hospitals and physician practices.

We are committed to bringing the expertise we have gained as operators to help you drive results

Our purpose, our clients

We serve hospitals, physician practices and healthcare systems by bringing deep operational knowledge and tailored revenue cycle solutions so that providers can focus on fulfilling their mission.

We serve and enable those who care for and improve human life in their communities.

What Parallon does today

Parallon is one of the country’s largest premier revenue cycle partners, with more than 18,100 employees serving more than 4,300 hospitals and physician practices. Annually, we collect more than $51 billion and interact with 49 million patients. Our track record of results is among the best in the industry.

285 hospitals have full-service revenue-cycle partnerships with Parallon, including some of the largest, most successful hospital systems. Others select specific services to meet their revenue cycle needs, tapping into our expertise, scale and model best practices for optimized results in key metrics.

As we move into the future, we continue to invest in technology, people and best practices. We are particularly proud of our work leveraging data science and our initiatives to improve the patient experience.

Integrity, Unity, Service, Learning, Accountability, Respect

Our values

In support of our purpose, Parallon values guide our behavior and the decisions we make as an organization, as well as the trusted partnership we provide our clients. Our values are the core foundation from which we serve.

INTEGRITY: We act with integrity in everything we do.

UNITY: We work as a unified team.

SERVICE: We humbly serve our communities and those who serve and heal others.

LEARNING: We are constantly learning and transferring that knowledge to our clients.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We are accountable to our clients and colleagues.

RESPECT: We treat everyone with dignity and respect.