Extended Business Office and Insurance Services

When you need an extra boost of specialized know-how, we can bring experts to the table in a flash.

As reimbursement grows more complex, hospitals and physician practices face unique challenges in accessing the expertise and technology they need to drive results. Our extended business office and insurance services provide you as much, or as little, help as you need in on- or off-site billing, insurance follow-up, A/R conversion projects, A/R cleanup and surge capacity services.

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Tailored to meet your unique needs

Improve cash flow, KPIs, patient satisfaction

Through proven best practices, we focus on driving revenue with increased patient satisfaction, fewer denials, shorter A/R days and reduced collection costs.

Get as much help as you need – or as little – and get it quickly

Our offerings are extremely flexible. Need some extra hands to help with legacy A/R? We’re there. Need insurance billing and follow-up? We can do that, too. We can get to work quickly. We have experience working with all major patient accounting systems and can provide quick, experienced help.

Keep your platform in place and still access advanced technology

We are experienced in all major patient account systems and can work in your system, or ours. We can also bring you advanced reporting and analytics.

Ways we can help


Specialized resources

We bring expertise, compliance knowledge, technology and best practices that come with working at top-performing hospitals across the country.



Process assessment and feedback

We can review your processes and, with our knowledge of best practices from over 600+ hospitals, provide feedback on ways to operate more efficiently and effectively.

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