Parallon brings deep and broad experience as former hospital operators and offers best practices from more than 875 top-performing hospitals that drive real, measurable results. Explore our services and see how Parallon can help your organization strengthen patient relationships and its bottom line.

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Self Pay Accounts

Self-pay Accounts

Early-out, Self-pay Services

Highly-compliant, award-winning customer service teams provide non-delinquent self-pay and balance after insurance account resolution.

Bad Debt Collections

Delinquent self-pay and balance after insurance collections with a focus on compliance and patient-centric service delivery.

Extended Business Office

Extended Business Office 

Extended Business Office and Insurance Services 

Insurance follow-up, A/R conversion and legacy projects, A/R clean-up and surge capacity services with specialized talent, technology and focus.

Physician Billing and A/R Resolution 

Dedicated operations center handling all steps of billing and collections to optimize cash flow and create a positive patient experience.

Patient Advocacy

Patient Advocacy

Eligibility and Advocacy Services

On-or-off-site advocacy specialists who use personal interaction, advanced technologies and analytics to evaluate and obtain coverage for patients.

Complex Accounts

Complex Accounts

Third-party Liability and Workers' Compensation Services

Highly specialized billing, collections and zero-balance retro recoveries of worker’s compensation, motor vehicle accidents, lien and no-fault accounts.

Revenue Cycle Specialty Solutions

Explore our services and see how Parallon can help your organization reach its financial goals, while enhancing the patient experience.

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“Parallon has really customized their services to meet our needs. They go through rigorous training and any time we reach out about a concern, they are on it immediately.”

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