Third-party Liability and Workers' Compensation Services

When third-party liability collections lag, our dedicated team of experts can turn it around.

On average, only about 3% of a hospital’s accounts receivable comes from workers’ comp, motor vehicle accident insurance, and general liability claims. And that 3% typically requires specialized skills and dedicated attention not always available within the four walls of a hospital. Or, if it is, often a disproportionate percentage of resources are being spent on these complicated receivables. We invest deeply in a knowledgeable staff and support them with customized technology so you can focus resources on your other accounts.

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Specialized for complexities

Get better results using our dedicated experts

Parallon’s tenured staff is knowledgeable about state-specific workflows. Our team of specialists focuses solely on these claims, giving you the dedication you need.

Reduce your costs of handling highly specific accounts

We handle the process end-to-end, with thorough claims investigations, requiring minimal investment from your existing staff. We also provide point of service training and assistance.

Improve collections now and over the long-term

We resolve $1.3 billion third-party liability claims annually and provide actionable analytics to our clients to improve internal front-end processes, so that you get continuous improvement over the long haul.

How it works

We find all responsible payors by working with patients and employers, coordinating benefits and hierarchy of payments, using technology and research tools.

We gather medical and other records to generate bills electronically, contacting patients for additional information through tailored letters and by phone.

Historically, up to 12% of worker’s comp claims are underpaid. Denied or underpaid accounts are quickly investigated and appealed. Litigation services are available when necessary.

Put Your Focus Back on the 97%

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