Improving the Patient Experience

Enhanced Scheduling and Diagnostic Imaging Authorization Service

Parallon provides a reliable process to streamline referrals, authorizations and scheduling for diagnostic imaging services while also improving the continuity of care for your patients.

Training and dedicated support

Data analytics and reporting

Remove resource constraints

Improve patient experience

Timely scheduling and diagnostic imaging authorization services

Challenges of authorization services

It requires ever-evolving expertise to successfully schedule a patient and secure a timely authorization approval for diagnostic imaging services.

Without up-to-date knowledge of payer requirements and timing, constant analysis to detect process gaps and visibility into data and
analytics around the process, changes in volumes and payer trends may not be apparent — potentially leading to delays and interruptions in the patient’s continuity of care.


The Parallon solution

Enhance our scheduling service to include securing the authorization for diagnostic imaging services.

Our approach is grounded in performance and operational expertise, allowing us to optimize and scale.

Timely scheduling and authorization services improves the patient experience through expedited access to diagnostic imaging services.

Reporting and analytics provide insight into pre- and post-program performance, monthly operational reviews, quality assurance, compliance and order status.

We support patients through insurance verification, reminder calls and triage of cost related questions.

How we do it

Optimizing the scheduling process

Our dedicated market director will work with you directly to optimize the authorization and scheduling process for you and your patients. We create diligent practice and facility assessments that allow to start problem solving from day one. Our market directors are responsible for the success of implementation and providing ongoing support.

Removing barriers to care

Parallon’ s deep experience in the healthcare scheduling landscape means we understand the impact of fast access to care and the intricate process to secure insurance authorizations. While you are focused on caring for your patients, we are focused on removing barriers to care for you and your patients.

Collaborating with you

We reach out to your patients via text, email and telephone calls to schedule their service at a time that works for them. At the same time, we will collaborate with your practice staff to begin the process of securing an authorization from the patient’s insurance. We keep you informed with feedback and reporting on services scheduled, authorizations obtained, services completed and appointments missed. We collaborate with you to reschedule any time your patients are unable to complete a service visit.


Proven results

HCA Healthcare and Parallon have a long history of managing the scheduling and authorization processes for close to 1,000 providers. In 2022, thousands of authorizations approved and booked appointments were secured, improving the overall patient experience and service to our providers.

The outpatient platform that exists today includes the foundational elements and structure of sophisticated imaging competitors.



For 2023, we are on track to secure 70K booked appointments.


For 2023, we are on track to secure over 73K authorizations.


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