Making an Impact

Our Medicaid Eligibility and Advocacy team identifies hundreds of patients for disability on a daily basis. This special case highlights a team member’s success in going above and beyond to fulfill our commitment to the patient and our partner. 
Once the patient was identified, Parallon contacted the Social Security Administration (SSA) and was told that the patient was previously receiving Social Security Disability (T2) benefits that stopped in 2016 when the patient was incarcerated. After he was released from jail, the patient was not aware that he needed to provide documentation to the SSA so that his benefits could be reinstated.

How We Helped

Parallon advocated for the patient by working tirelessly with the local jail to obtain release papers to submit to SSA.

Financial Outcome

The patient was entitled to over $70,000 in missed SSDI payments, and his Medicare benefits retroactively covered his hospital admit.